Week 6

Yes I am very behind on writing in my blog. Last week I would have stated that I have been way to busy to keep up with all of this stuff, feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks that have been presented. A week ago I was also contemplating quitting, giving up on my self and my dreams. I reached out to a friend and that is when I realized it’s not about being busy or overwhelmed its all about my comfort zone and not wanting to do something I don’t like to do. I dislike writing as I have not been comfortable with my ability to do it and I like to hide in the back ground, not be noticed. I wait on the call hoping someone will ask the questions I have and I will get the answers from them. I don’t want to be disappointed or uncomfortable but I also realize in my quest to achieve greatness and all my dreams I need to put my self out there and be noticed. I need to be uncomfortable at times. Some will realize my greatness and what I have to offer while others will not and that is okay because I am me and it’s great to be me! Now I need to get to work on what I have been putting off, the next stage of my DMP.


Week 3

It’s crazy how the mind works. This week instead of saying blue rectangle or red circle I found myself saying do it now or the task that went along with the shape. I didn’t realize it at first but when I did it was an aha moment! Crazy how we can change our thinking. I am super excited that its Sunday as I can’t wait to here more. I am also excited about how this is changing me and as it changes me I have begun to see changes in my children’s attitudes as well. Those are my takes from the week. Now getting ready for week 4!!

Week 2

Ok, so I have never done this before and I am not totally sure what I am doing but here goes nothing. Going into week 2 on Sunday I was still feeling very anxious and overwhelmed like I really had no idea what I was doing. After Sundays webinar and a few chats with an amazing leader Lori I am feeling much better. I think I am understanding everything much better as I am on this trip to make ME a better person on the inside and out! I just sent in my revised DMP which was really a struggle this week. I am not sure why but I really couldn’t get some of the feelings out, the only thing I could think of was I really didn’t believe I was worthy of achieving what I want to achieve, I know I am not fully there but I am on the road to changing that. I am super excited to see what this Master Keys Alliance will do for me.